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Introduction to Fencing

Introductory Membership

The Introduction to Fencing will show you a fun, exciting, and wonderful way to get physically active and learn about a new sport! 

The Introduction to Fencing Membership will teach you

  • Fundamental fencing footwork and bladework

  • Fencing etiquette, the rules of training and safety

  • Basic distance manipulation 

  • Basic fencing vocabulary

Fencing and Safety

In spite of its long history as a martial sport, the sport of modern Olympic Fencing has one of the best safety records. With an extremely low incidence of time loss-injuries it ranks as one of the safest sports at both the Olympic and NCAA levels. It also has an extremely low incidence of concussions - unlike many other sports we could name! Both the safety equipment worn and the mechanics of the sport contribute to fencing safety record, and at Cutting Edge Fencing, our Rules of Training emphasize safety as a primary component.

With the advent of the COVID-19 Pandemic, another concern about safety has arisen - that of transmission of the coronavirus in sports settings. Fencing in general has been designated a low-risk activity, and at CEFC we have an extensive list of protocols we follow to make sure your family is protected. We appreciate that you are trusting both your and your family's safety to us, and we treat you as we would want to be treated!


The CEFC Program

Our Advancement Program and Membership Levels offer a way for you to both track your progress and develop your skills in the sport. As you advance through the program, you'll add different types of training including Training Cohorts, Bouting, and Private Lessons.

Our program develops: 

  • Physical conditioning and sports training

  • Fencing specific technical skills such as bladework and footwork

  • Respect, honor, and self-control

  • Tactical and strategic thinking

  • Competitive performance


We supply all the equipment you'll need to participate, and you even get your very own fencing glove to keep as part of it!

Make sure you wear comfortable workout clothing, including flat soled shoes.

How long to spend

The Introduction to Fencing Membership consists of two one-on-one half hour sessions with one of our staff coaches, during which time we'll teach you the basic fundamental pieces of sabre fencing. CEFC has a unique and effective system of movement instruction utilizing target drills and structured movements that we have pioneered. Once you've learned the basics, you'll be able to jump right into our group training sessions!

At the completion of your Introductory Package, you'll ready for our Footwork and Targets classes and to start working your way through our Advancement System.


Introduction Level

Fundamental Safety and Movement Skills

1 - 2 months

Learning Objectives




Learn the basic language of fencing

Display knowledge of key safety elements of fencing

Demonstrate fundamental movement and blade skills of sabre

How you should participate


1-2 Footwork and Target classes a week

Introductory Program Details

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