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SabreCat Rules of Training

  1. Safety is paramount. Always wear appropriate training gear for the activity at hand. Masks must be worn when crossing blades. Long pants (but not jeans!) are required for drills and bouting. Underarm protectors must be worn under fencing jackets.

  2. Respect yourself. Give your complete attention to the task in front of you. Work on the actions that you are not good at. Use your time wisely and make the most of your training sessions.

  3. Respect your teammates. When paired for drills, do your best to be a good training partner. When bouting, work to make each other better. Do not waste their time by giving low effort. Give positive feedback and constructive criticism.

  4. Respect your coaches. Listen to their feedback and correction. Be respectful of their knowledge and authority.

  5. Respect the physical space of your club. Keep fencing bags on storage shelves. Put shared gear back on the hangers and racks. Clean up any messes that you find regardless of who made them.

  6. Work purposefully. Accept that errors are part of the learning process, but attempt to eliminate them. If you are not making errors, you aren’t trying hard enough. If you are making too many errors, you are attempting things you aren’t ready for.

  7. Be on time. Come to the fencing center well in advance of your scheduled class or lesson. A proper warm up routine should take at minimum 15 minutes and should be completed prior to the start of class.

Rules of Training

SabreCat Code of Honor

  1. Sportsmanship is my touchstone. I will honor and respect my opponent in both victory and defeat.

  2. Complacency is foreign to me. I will remain humble and hungry in my greatest victories and my most devastating losses.

  3. My motivation comes from within. I will not worship my opponent’s, my coaches’, my teammates’, or my family’s accolades. The touches I score are the only reward I seek.

  4. The bout is always fenced in full. Neither my victory nor my defeat is imminent until the final touch is scored.

  5. I will fence for one touch at a time.

  6. I will will work tirelessly to be my best, for defeat is my fault and my fault alone.

  7. Knowing my behavior reflects on those around me, I will proceed virtuously as I represent my club, my coaches, my teammates, and my country.

  8. I will give 100% in training, because when I am not, someone else is, and when we meet, they will win every time.

  9. It is my duty to help the weakest links in my club become the strongest.

  10. It is my duty to inspire the everyone in my club to love fencing as I do.

Code of Honor
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