Program Overview

Cutting Edge Fencing Center teaches the Modern Olympic Sport of Sabre Fencing. We offer a comprehensive curriculum of instruction with fencing classes for kids, youth, and adults. Our Advancement Program and membership levels offer a way for you to both track your progress and develop your skills in the sport. As you advance through the program, you'll add different types of training including Training Cohorts, Bouting, and Private Lessons

Our program develops: 

  • Physical conditioning and sports training

  • Fencing specific technical skills such as bladework and footwork

  • Respect, honor, and self-control

  • Tactical and strategic thinking

  • Competitive performance

Our facility is clean and our members are respectful of each other's unique circumstances. We appreciate that you are trusting us to safeguard you and your family.  We take this responsibility seriously and treat you the way we would want our own family to be treated.

Our COVID-19 safety protocols were designed in consultation with public health officials and regularly updated as new guidelines are available. We want you to be comfortable learning your new sport!

Advancement Program Progression

Level and

Time to Acquire


Appropriate Membership Category 

and Cost

Introduction to Fencing

2 one-on-one sessions

Introduction to the Sport of Olympic Sabre Fencing

$99 one time payment

Beginner Level

1 group session weekly

1 - 2 months

Basic Offensive and Defensive Elements of Sabre


Yellow Level

1 group sessions weekly +

Training and Bouting Cohort

3 - 6 Months

Technical Sabre Competencies and Basic Tactical Progression


Orange Level

2 group sessions weekly +

Training and Bouting Cohort +

Monthly Private Lesson

6 - 9 Months

Introduction to Preparations and Complex Tactical Progressions

$135/month +

1 private lesson monthly

Green Level

2-3 group sessions weekly +

Training and Bouting Cohort +

Weekly Private Lesson

9 - 12 Months

Provocation, Counter-Offensive, and False Actions

$175/month +

1 private lesson weekly

Blue Level

2-3 group sessions weekly+

Training and Bouting Cohort +

Conditioning and/or Tactical Cohort +

Weekly Private Lessons

12 - 18 Months

Second Intention, Actions on the Blade, and Deceiving the Opponent

$175/month +

1-2 private lessons weekly


Tactical and/or Conditioning Cohort $45/month

Red Level

2-3 group sessions weekly +

Training and Bouting Cohort +

Conditioning Cohort +

Tactical Cohort +

Weekly Private Lessons

12 - 18 months

Group Leadership, Tactical Bouting Progression, and other Advanced Concepts

Option 1: $330/month

includes unlimited training except lessons

Option 2: $520/month

Unlimited training and 2 lessons weekly

Black Level

Varied depending upon goals

New Roles and Leadership in the Fencing Community

Varied depending upon goals

Want some more information?
Payment Options

Purchasing classes at Cutting Edge Fencing is easy and can be done online via our membership portal. We accept credit cards, cash, check and Venmo for payment. Payment is due the 1st of the month. We also offer an easy autopay option that you can sign up for.

The first month after the Introduction to Fencing membership is pro-rated. 

Memberships are automatically renewed at the beginning each month, except for the Introduction to Fencing.

CEFC Policies

Our policy page defines and sets expectations between Cutting Edge Fencing and our members. The list of policies is available here.

Our COVID-19 safety protocols were designed in consultation with public health officials and regularly updated as new guidelines are available.

US Fencing Membership

Per USA Fencing Requirements, every fencer that participates as part of regularly scheduled class or training session at CEFC must be at least a Non-Competitive member of USA Fencing. Non-competitive membership is included in your Introduction to Fencing package, and may be renewed every season after that for a cost of $10 directly through USA Fencing. Competitive Membership in USA Fencing is required in order to compete in tournaments, and is $85 per season. Upgrading from a Non-Competitive membership to Competitive Membership within the same season will reduce the cost of the Competitive Membership by $10.

We encourage parents, especially of competitive fencers, to join USA Fencing at the Supporting Membership level. Doing so gives you access to National Tournaments at no additional cost, voting privileges within the association, and other membership benefits.

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