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What is Fencing?

What is Fencing?


The Olympic Sport of Fencing has been contested at every single modern Olympic Games - and is one of only 4 athletic disciplines that can make that claim. It has a long and noble history, namely the Art and Science of Swordplay. But make no mistake, modern fencing is a serious sport, practiced by skilled and committed athletes. 

At Cutting Edge Fencing, we specialize in the discipline of Sabre, with an emphasis on long-term, whole athlete development - for athletes of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.

Swordplay as a Sport - For Kids


Swords! Knights! Jedi! Pirates! What kid hasn't been fascinated by these at some time? The sport of fencing draws on rich traditions of our culture to bring imagination to life. Fencing allows kids to have fun and gain the benefits of organized sporting activity.

They'll learn body control, critical thinking skills, planning and organization, and more. The major goal for our youth fencers is to give them the foundational athletic skills that will promote life-long health and enable them to take advantage of the opportunities that fencing (or other sports) can present them in the future. 

Fencing is for all kinds of kids. Boys and girls alike. "Sporty" kids who have tried every other activity and haven't found their niche. "Bookish" kids who have great imaginations and want to try swords for real. Introverts and Extroverts alike can find something to love. Fencing is an "individual sport practiced in a team environment" so everyone finds something to love!

But Fencing isn't just for kids!

Swordplay as a Sport - For Adults


Cutting Edge Fencing has THE largest, most diverse, and best resourced adult fencing community of any fencing club in our region - and one of the best in the country. Learning a new sport as an adult is different then when you're younger. If you're looking for a fun and unique activity, we've got you covered.

Our adult group regularly engages in social activities together and are constantly striving to make each other better. If you want sport excellence, well, our Veteran (that's the term in fencing for over 40) Women are two-time National Champions in the Team event. 

Fencing is also an activity families can do together! A number of our adult fencers started out when their kids got involved in the sport, and have continued on after their children went off to college. 

What about Fencing for Teenagers?

Swordplay as a Sport - For Teens


Being a teenager today is tough! There's a lot of pressure to conform, to keep your grades up, to get into the right school, to "find your own path" (whatever THAT means!), and the constant allure of unhealthy distractions. Fencing at Cutting Edge allows teenagers to be part of a community that genuinely cares for their long-term well-being with opportunities for leadership, mentorship, and peer bonding. 

And yes, if you're looking for an edge for college admissions, fencing is definitely a plus. Not just because it's ranked as THE most accessible sport for admissions, but because of the lessons that it teaches you. Critical thinking, analysis, perseverance, planning, and more are important skills for fencing that translate directly into both better grades in school and long-term success as an adult.

Cutting Edge Fencing has sent athletes off to some great colleges, including Notre Dame, Stephens Institute of Technology, the United States Air Force Academy, among others. Not all of our alums have gone on to fence in college, but they all cite experiences at Cutting Edge Fencing as having contributed to their long-term success.


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Swordplay as a Sport - For Excellence


The benefits of sport are well-studied. In kids, teens, and adults, sports participation is directly correlated with better grades, better long-term measures of physical and mental health, and increased connection with peers and families. 

So why not engage in a sport that challenges you to be your best? In fencing, the results correlate directly to how much work you put into it. What ever measure of excellence you can imagine, we've got you covered. All the way from local and regional tournaments to national champions and international contenders, SabreCats are top level!


Make the most of the opportunities in front of you...

Swordplay as a Sport - For Opportunities


And who ARE the SabreCats? They're an amazing group of athletes, coaches, parents, alumni, and supporters dedicated to life-long pursuit of the opportunities that fencing makes available. We train together and we support each other in the highs and the lows. Be part of our team, and you'll have the opportunity to live out our motto "Dare to Dream Greatly."

Whether that is a novice competitor struggling to make it through their first competition, a teenager looking to attend a selective college, or an athlete striving for greatness on the national and international stage, fencing is a sport that presents opportunities that you can grab with both hands. And not just in traditional measures of success and first place medals (although we've got plenty of those too). SabreCats excel in leadership, mentorship, creativity, and enjoyment of our shared sport.


A Coaching staff to help you realize your dreams...

Swordplay as a Sport - With Professionals


Professionalism. It is important when it comes to sports excellence. Our Head Coach, David Sierra, is a respected leader in the field of fencing. He is a fully accredited Fencing Master, a title that requires years of study and practice, not just in the specifics of fencing but in sports theory, physiology, mental performance, and long-term athlete development. Even though the roots of fencing go back centuries, Maestro David is a constant innovator and thinker, looking to bring the best of modern sports practices to our athletes. 

Speaking of the best of modern sports practices, Long Term Athlete Development through the American Development Model is recognized by the United States Olympic and ParaOlympic Committee as the best way to achieve all the benefits that sport can provide. Cutting Edge Fencing is a leader in bringing these principles to the Sport of Fencing through our SabreCat Training System. We were the FIRST fencing club in our region to fully embrace these principles and apply them to our system. 

But our past successes don't mean we have stopped trying to get better. Being a true professional means that you never stop learning. We strive every day to earn the continued respect of our athlete community though new ideas, new methodology, updates to curriculum, and an atmosphere that welcomes everyone.

... and an atmosphere that welcomes everyone... 

Swordplay as a Sport - For Everyone!


Sports are fun to engage in, but only if everyone is able to participate. As leaders and role models, we take our responsibilities seriously. We are committed to principles of Fair Play, Equitable Access, and Inclusion. Check out our Statement on Diversity and Inclusion, and the guiding principles.

In order to be a fencer, it takes hard work and dedication. You'll be rewarded with an amazing community, lifelong friends, and being pushed to achieve the greatness you've dreamed of.


Are you ready to try Swordplay as a Sport?


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