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My first podcast episode!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

This has been a fun, yet challenging, project. I have never created a podcast before and had to watch so many tutorial videos on how to use GarageBand (and get tons of advice from a friend) in order to complete it. The end result is a bit “off”–I am still learning how to equalize all the tracks that make up a podcast–but it’s been incredibly fun to learn a new skill. It’s even more fun to think that a couple of you might actually download the interview and listen to it!

I chose to begin this podcast with an incredible woman: Ariana Klinkov. She was one of the first women to fence sabre in the U.S., she was the first female sabre referee the U.S. ever sent to an international competition, and she has coached many fencers who have had varying levels of success, including National Team members. She still gets out on the fencing strip once a year to be a part of my team at the April NAC.

During the recording, Ariana shares her thoughts on what it took for her to be a good competitor and how that translated over to becoming a good coach. She regales us with stories of her first trip abroad as a referee and how everyone involved was surprised to learn that “Mr. Klinkov” was instead a “Mrs.” You’ll hear her answers to the Famous Ten Questions invented by Marcel Proust and used by James Lipton on his TV program “Inside the Actor’s Studio”. She will tell you about her obsession with CrossFit. She’s a great friend; I learned a lot about her through this interview and hope you will glean some good information as well.

Direct download URL is here

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Please let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for future interviews.

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