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Future Plans for this Blog

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Greetings to all of you reading this right now!

I have long wanted to make posting here a regular thing; the only thing stopping me has been myself (well, and about a billion other tasks). I have decided to post SOMETHING here every Friday. It might be a new podcast episode/interview, recipes for some of the food I like to make, comments on life, observations in fencing…

For the past two years I have made my podcast interviews the focus of this blog. It’s been frustrating because I absolutely cannot post them with any regularity, in part because they take so long to prepare and edit, and in part because people in the fencing world are busy people and it’s hard to pin them down for an hour. So I resolve to take a bit of the pressure off by allowing myself to post other content and therefore do it on a much more regular basis.

Thanks for your patience. If you’ve got any ideas for articles, interviews, or posts let me know either in the comments or by emailing me at

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