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Fencing Quiz: Who are you on strip?

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Who you are as a fencer reflects your true nature. Deep down inside, we all have a certain kind of warrior inside us. Take this quiz to learn what kind of competitor you are. Once you calculate the results, decide if you are content with them or if it’s time to start making some changes. The great thing about participating in a life-long sport is that you can decide to try a different approach to your practice and competition. Once you find something that works, stick with it for a while then alter it as needed. We participate in a fluid, changeable sport. Use that to your advantage!

Before you choose your responses, keep in mind that several of them might apply to you. Depending on how you’re feeling both emotionally and physically before your event, you may act totally “out of character” from time to time. Select the answer that applies to you THE MOST OFTEN. Not the one you wish you were or that you hope to be someday. The one you are this current season.

1. When you enter the fencing venue, you:

A. Perceive all the other competitors as your prey.

B. Quickly round up your friends for a warm-up.

C. Find a quiet corner to hang out by yourself.

2. When warming up, you:

A. Take the chance to intimidate everyone you can. You might get them in your pool and you want them to know what they’re up against.

B. Try your new moves to see how they work on new people. You laugh a lot about your mistakes.

C. Do solo footwork practice and visualize your fencing actions while listening to your favorite playlist.

3. As you salute your first opponent on the fencing strip, you:

A. Glare at them.

B. Smile at them.

C. Avoid looking at them.

4. When you win a bout, you:

A. Tear off your mask and let off a long yell. Victory is yours and you want everyone to know it.

B. Say “good match” as you shake your opponent’s hand. You appreciate the chance they gave you to improve.

C. Barely acknowledge your opponent and shake their hand because you have to do it.

5. When you lose a bout, you:

A. Tear off your mask and lightly toss it in the direction of your bag. You know just how far to push the referee before they black card you. It’s their fault you lost anyway.

B. Say “good match” as you shake your opponent’s hand. You’re disappointed but appreciate the chance they gave you to improve.

C. Shrug. This always happens to you.

6. Your interactions with the referee are:

A. Cheerful when you’re winning and stormy when you’re losing.

B. Respectful. They’re a professional and can help you learn to become a better fencer.

C. Minimal. You don’t talk to him/her if at all possible.

7. During your bouts, your Coach:

A. Is screaming at you. And probably at the Referee.

B. Reminds you what you’re trying to work on in between touches and encourages you to try new things on strip.

C. Is not watching you.

8. You fence in order to:

A. Prove you are The Best.

B. Meet cool people and stay in shape.

C. Use your brain in a whole different way.

9. Your favorite fencing move is:

A. Something flashy and daring that pays off if it works.

B. Whatever new thing you’ve been working on with your Coach.

C. Something you have practiced methodically in the salle.

10. Your fencing socks are:

A. In the colors of your club.

B. Themed (holiday socks are your favorite)

C. White.

11. When you reach the medals stand that day, you:

A. Toss your medal aside right after the official photo. You have SO many!

B. Beam from ear to ear. This is the product of lots of hard work!

C. Hide behind the tall people during the picture.

12. When you don’t reach the medals stand that day, you:

A. Complain to the Bout Committee that your referee is an idiot.

B. Vow to try again harder next time.

C. Aren’t surprised. You TOLD them you sucked at fencing!

Count up all your answers.

If you have a majority of “A” answers you are most likely a very confident, extremely competitive fencer. Be careful, though, as this confidence could turn to arrogance. Your killer instinct is commendable, as is your focus, but you don’t have to be a jerk about it.

If you have a majority of “B” answers you are a flexible, fun-loving, tender-hearted fencer who loves to talk with friends during tournaments. This may keep you from completely focusing on the task at hand and, in the worst case, you may feel afraid to beat someone in the fear of hurting their feelings. You enjoy competing for the social aspect and to push yourself physically but you don’t beat yourself up if you lose. This may hinder your results as you don’t put much pressure on yourself to win. Really challenge yourself to go for it!

If you have a majority of “C” you are a shy fencer who carefully practices their moves in order to avoid looking stupid on strip. This keeps you from doing the creative kind of fencing that would help you earn the victory you so desperately want. You are very self-reliant—that’s one reason you love competing in an individual sport—and have a plan for everything you will do during the event. No fencer is an island, though. Although constructive criticism is hard to take sometimes, it will help your fencing. Reach out to others and see how quickly you improve.

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