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SabreCats Assemble! CEFC Reopens January 5th!

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

This post has been edited to reflect adjustments to our pricing plans and offerings.

Alright everyone! We have listened to a lot of the feedback from everyone over the past couple of weeks, and we want to present our plan for reopening! CEFC is going to officially begin operations in Euless at the Children's Health StarCenter on Tuesday, January 5th. This blog post will give you a detail of what you can expect to roll out over the next bit.

For starters, we're building out a new membership and scheduling system using Wix, our webhosting provider. That will go live on Saturday, January 2nd. There may be a few hiccups with this system as we move forward but I'm sure we'll all work through them together. Everyone will need to create a new login into the new membership system and reserve and pay for your initial sets of classes and lessons.

Here's what our membership and class offering setup will look like. As a reminder, we are developing a hybrid of the operations we've been conducting during the pandemic up to this point and adding in small groups for drills and bouting. We're going to be keeping all of our classes small - the schedule images below will detail the number of seats each of the classes has available.

  • Our Bronze membership is going to be $90 a month on an auto bill monthly. That's going to give you access to a base set of 10 Footwork and Targets Classes or Movement and Conditioning classes. These two offerings are the foundation of the SabreCat System. Each month your membership will renew on the same day you signed up - so if you sign up on the 2nd, your credit card will bill on the 2nd. If it's on the 15th, then that will be the date your credit card bills in the future. Your base set of 10 Footwork and Target Classes will renew on that date.

  • Movement and Conditioning Classes - We've got two of these planned. Marsha is going to lead an Athlete Yoga session on Tuesdays at 6 PM, and Maestro David will be leading an Agility and Strengthening session on Thursdays at 6 PM. More of these kinds of offerings will be added on in the future.

  • We'll have higher levels of membership (Silver, Gold) that will include more classes and the option to include drills and bouting.

  • You can purchase additional Footwork and Target Classes for $20 each. Or purchase 15 Packs of classes that can be used for Footwork and Targets, Movement and Conditioning, Partner Drills, or Classes. If you want to go entirely a la carte, that option is available.

  • Drills Classes - We're going to have to different levels of these: Basic Drills and Advanced Drills. Basic Drills classes are 30 minutes long and cover the fundamental drills (and are $20 a class a la carte or can be purchased as part of a membership or pack); Advanced Drills classes are 30 minutes long and go into higher level drills. Note: Athletes at the Intermediate, Competitive, or Performance skill levels should ALSO take part in Basic Drills on a regular basis. Continued repetition of fundamental skills is important!

  • Bouting - Participate in a Footwork and Targets, Movement and Conditioning, or Partner Drills Class or take a Private Lesson: no charge that day for Open Bouting. Anyone wanting to just come in for Open Bouting, the floor fee is $20 a person.

  • We'll have a special Basic Bouting Skills class for people who are new to or want a more supervised setting for bouting.

  • Lessons are available at the price of $30 for a twenty minute lesson for Bronze, Silver, and Gold members. Non-members can purchase lessons as well, at a higher cost.

After we've been going for a couple of months at this pace and we get a better feel for how the operations are going to go forward, we'll probably roll out a couple of additional membership options and maybe add in some additional options for classes.

Here's the weekly schedule we're going with (it's a gallery, so scroll to the right and left to see different days).

On the "physical operations" front we have a couple of additional updates of note.

  • Work on the new targets is progressing well and everyone is going to love them a lot! They have some really cool capabilities that we're looking forward to incorporating into our system.

  • We have located a source of Sport Court that we may be able to lay down in the new space. That's going to make everyone's knees a lot happier! We're in negotiations right now to see exactly what the cost is going to be and what the layout needs to look like. If this goes well, we'll have this down by mid-January.

  • Masks are worn throughout the StarCenter and we'll be following that protocol as well.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Euless in January!

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