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Episode 16: Delia Turner

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

It’s been too long since I had the time to interview someone for my podcast. Can’t think of anyone better to restart all this with!

Delia Turner is a vivacious, energetic woman who has accomplished much in life simply by, as she says, “showing up”. She has held a wide variety of jobs, including legal secretary, science teacher, English Department Chair, published author, calligrapher, and Adjunct Faculty at Temple University. She started fencing at 40 years of age and has become one of the top Veteran Women’s Sabre fencers in the US—and in the world. Listen as she talks about her fencing career, how her role as an educator helped her fencing skills, and about the two protagonists she created for her fantasy books. She also gives advice to adult fencers and tells us why fencing Sabre is like writing with a fountain pen. Tune in this week to hear the stories of a wonderful storyteller, Delia Turner.

Click here for the link to the interview!

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