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Episode 13: Keeth Smart

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Keeth Smart is a saber fencer who achieved a lot of success on the fencing strip. He qualified for three Olympics, placing 30th in 2000, 15th in individual and 4th in the team event in 2004, 6th in individual in 2008. He also won the silver medal in the team event that year, after serving as the anchor. In 2002 and 2004, Keeth won the US National Sabre Championship. Perhaps greatest of all, in 2003, he became the first American to be named the top-ranked fencer internationally. He was elected to the US Fencing Hall of Fame in 2014.

You can still find Keeth involved in our sport. He coaches at the Peter Westbrook Foundation and serves on their Board. But he’s also involved in the world of business. After an internship at Google, several managerial positions at Verizon and Bank of America, Keeth decided to start his own business, Physiclo, in 2014. He and his team created and now produce high quality compression gear with built in resistance for a more productive workout. Physiclo has received great reviews from publications such as Men’s Health, the Gloss, and Engadget, as well as rave reviews from athletes of many kinds of sport. You can check out the gear on their website, on Instagram, and also on Facebook.

Listen now to the interview I did with Keeth Smart, fencer and businessman extraordinaire. Also a super nice guy!

Note: This one unfortunately turned out a little “buzzy” for Keeth’s side of the interview. Working to improve that! Must be the episode number…

Photo credit: Physiclo website

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