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Episode 10: Lynn Botelho

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Like all of my guests, Lynn Botelho is a multi-faceted individual. She is a professor of history at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and serves as the Director of Women’s and Gender Studies. She teaches courses on the Renaissance and Reformation, early modern Europe, the history of the body, and English history. She has written numerous books on the history of old age and the aging body. You can check out her blog for more information about them.

On a comical note, I checked out Lynn’s profile on the popular “Rate my Professor” site. Her top tags are: GET READY TO READ (7) TOUGH GRADER (5) EXTRA CREDIT (3) AMAZING LECTURES (3) INSPIRATIONAL (2) SO MANY PAPERS (2) RESPECTED (2) CLEAR GRADING CRITERIA (1) LECTURE HEAVY (1) SKIP CLASS? YOU WON’T PASS. (1) GIVES GOOD FEEDBACK (1) LOTS OF HOMEWORK (1)

Lynn is also a high-level foil fencer and has earned many honors in our sport. She has been part of many Veteran World Championship Teams, earning Silver in Team Foil and Bronze in Individual in 2016, and Gold in Team Foil in 2015. She became the Veteran 50 Women’s Foil Champion at Summer Nationals this past July. She also still regularly competes in Division 1, which has inspired me to look at my own competition schedule for the upcoming season and add in a few for myself.

Listen now for the interview I did with Lynn while sitting on the floor near the referee lunch room at the Salt Palace during Summer Nationals.

Lynn Botelho

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