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Intermediate Level

9 - 12 Months

Learning Objectives

Introduction to Preparations and Tactical Progressions





Display standards of interaction for an experienced fencer

Integrate different types of training to support fencing development

Utilize preparations and tactical progressions in bouting scenarios

Apply knowledge of fencing to referee full bouts in training scenarios

How you should participate



Private Training


2-3 Footwork and Target classes a week

2 Movement and Conditioning classes a week

2-3 Basic & Advanced Drills Classes a week

1-2 Open Bouting sessions a week

1 Private Lesson a week

Weekend Intensives occasionally

Summer Skills Camp

How you should compete

Local tournaments and regional events that don't require travel

Intermediate Level

The Intermediate skill level is for fencers who are exploring preparations and tactical progressions. Fencers will begin competing in USA Fencing Sanctioned competitions at this level, as well as select Regional Level competitions.

Fencers at the Intermediate Level work on

  • Honing their basic technical fencing skills and exploring more complex actions

  • Tactical progression though situational bouting and drills

  • Acquiring the skills and competence necessary for successful competition

  • Athletic conditioning including strength and speed training

  • Competitive fencing techniques and skills

  • Physical and mental conditioning


Full personal competition equipment kit, well maintained, is required, including 2 weapons and 2 sets of cords.

How long to spend

The Intermediate level takes 9 to 12 months to progress through, depending upon the fencer's skills, weekly time commitment, physical and mental condition, and personal goals.


Fencers who wish to be Recreational fencers rather than Competitive fencers or wish to only compete locally and regionally will often stay at this skill category indefinitely.


CEFC coaching staff regularly asses the fencers capabilities and will recommend when to move on to the next level of competition based upon their personal readiness and capacity. 

Training Structure

Fencers at the Intermedaite Skill Level spend their time working on technical competencies with Footwork and Targets class. They also can attend Movement and Conditioning sessions to increase their physical literacy.


At this stage of training, they should participate in both Basic Partner Drills and Advanced Partner Drills classes. They can also participate in Open Bouting. 


We strongly recommended that athletes at this level also be taking at least one private lesson each week.

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