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Competitive Level

Deceiving the Opponent and Complex Tactical Progressions

12 - 18 Months

Learning Objectives





Contribute to the culture of the fencing salle using established standards

Integrate proper nutrition and conditioning to support competitive fencing

Use deception and complex preparations during competition

Demonstrate knowledge of tournament refereeing

How you should participate



Private Training


3 Footwork and Target classes a week

2 Movement and Conditioning classes a week + Strength Training

3 Basic & Advanced Drills Classes a week

2-3 Open Bouting sessions a week

2 Private Lessons a week

Weekend Intensives regularly

Summer Competition Camp

How you should compete

Regular Regional events and occasional age-appropriate national events

Competitive Level

The Performance Program is designed for fencers who are regularly competing at regional events and exploring national competition. Their skills focus is on deceptions and complex preparations. They are committed to a regular training schedule that includes conditioning and lessons. They also learn new aspects of their skills through leadership and helping to teach new fencers.

Fencers at the Performance Level work on:

  • Technical proficiency of complex actions

  • Group leadership and team strategies

  • Advanced tactical bouting progressions

  • Integrating nutrition and physical conditioning to support competitive fencing

  • Mental training skills

  • Video analysis of both their own performance and elite athletes


Full personal competition equipment kit, well maintained, is required.


Podium warmup suit is required.

How long to spend

The Competitive level takes 12 to 18 months to progress through depending upon the fencer's skills, weekly time commitment, physical and mental condition, and personal goals.

Competitive fencers are committed to the sport on a personal level. Our Coaching Staff is dedicated  to helping you achieve your competitive goals and giving your utmost on the fencing strip every time you go out to compete!

Training Structure

Fencers at the Competitive Skill Level spend their time working on technical competencies with Footwork and Targets class. They also can attend Movement and Conditioning sessions to increase their physical literacy.


At this stage of training, they should participate in both Basic Partner Drills and Advanced Partner Drills classes. They can also participate in Open Bouting. 


We strongly recommended that athletes at this level also be taking 1-2 private lessons each week, depending on the training cycle.

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