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Performance Level

Planning to Win

12 - 18 months

Learning Objectives





Contribute to the long term development of the fencing salle

Utilize long-term planning and analysis to support competitive excellence

Implement integrated bout strategy for competitive success

Apply knowledge fencing to complex refereeing situations

How you should participate



Private Training


3-4 Footwork and Target classes a week

2 Movement and Conditioning classes a week + Strength Training

3 Basic & Advanced Drills Classes a week

3-4 Open Bouting sessions a week

2 Private Lesson a week

Weekend Intensives regularly

Summer Competition Camp

Performance Camps with other clubs

How you should compete

Occasional Regional events 

Regular age-appropriate national events

National Championship events

Performance Level

The Performance Level is for fencers who are actively and regularly competing at national and international events. They plan to win and engage in extensive preparation to support their competitive goals. They contribute to the long term development of the fencing community at CEFC.

The fencers at the Elite Performance level work on

  • Group leadership and team strategies

  • Using long term planning an analysis to support competitive excellence.

  • Technical proficiency of complex actions

  • Integrated bout strategy for competitive success.

  • Peak physical and mental conditioning

  • High level analysis of video


Full personal equipment kit, well maintained, is required.


Podium warmup suit is required.

How long to spend

Peformance Level takes 12-18 months to achieve. After that, fencing lasts indefinitely and elite level competitors are committed to the sport on a very different level. A high level of discipline is required and extensive competition at regional, national and even international competitions is expected.

Our Coaching Staff is committed to helping you achieve your competitive goals that could include Regional and National Medals, International Competition, preparing to fence in College, or simply giving your utmost on the fencing strip every time you go out to compete!

Later on, the Black Level involves training as a coach and consists of several grades. How far you wish to go and how long it takes you is entirely up to you! The ultimate rank of Fencing Master takes many years of diligent training and study, and the completion of a Master's Thesis. 

Training Structure

Fencers at the Performance Skill Level spend their time working on technical competencies with Footwork and Targets class. They also can attend Movement and Conditioning sessions to increase their physical literacy.


At this stage of training, they should participate in both Basic Partner Drills and Advanced Partner Drills classes. They can also participate in Open Bouting. 


We strongly recommended that athletes at this level also be taking 1-2 private lessons each week, depending on the training cycle.

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