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Insights into the world of fencing and thoughts on life

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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The United States Fencing Association has launched a great social media campaign called #WhyIFence. They’re asking fencers and clubs to fill out a form, take a picture of themself with it, then post it to their Facebook, Instagram, etc. with the label #WhyIFence.

Here’s the link to the pdf file so you can print off your own:

Let me know in the comments why you or your family members fence!

Below you’ll see what our fencers came up with between Saturday, July 4 and Saturday, July 11. A lot of our people are on vacation so we’ll add more as they come home.

It does a coach’s heart good to see reasons like these…

It's my life
Because I want to continue family tradition
It's the only sport I'm proud to be a part of
I enjoy the arts of fencing
It is the most fun exercise ever
Because it pushes my personal limits
Swords are awesome! Duh!
Make friends and have fun with swords
Because it's an awesome sport and it's full of awesome people
I fence for the skill it requires
Low impact workout for  bad back
To stay active doing an activity I enjoy
My health and to be in touch with the past
For fun with my son
It is like manly prancing
Fencing is unique and extremely fun
It's fun for all
How unique it is an different from others
I fence because it's fun
Learning new skills and strategy distracts me from how hard I'm exercising
Fun self-defense
It's an enjoyable sport
I enjoy the sport--it's fun
Because I enjoy it
I fence because I enjoy it
Because we have blades
Because I love it
For fun and excitement
Mom makes me
It's fun
Because there is nothing else to do that is better
Because I like the satisfaction of hitting someone with a sword
Because it's fun and friends come here
Because it helps define me... it makes me special
Because I have anger issues
It challenges me
To get lean for the ladies
Because my family fenced foil

Music credit: The Puss Suite by Henry Jackman

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