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My “Magic 8” list of events in 2014

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Here I sit at one of my favorite coffeehouses on the last day of 2014, reflecting back on this year and all it has brought. Most of it good and exciting, some of it not so much. Here’s my list of the events that had the most impact on my life these past 365 days.

8. Adopting Sasha and Ivan, the CEFC SabreCats. We lost Mia the SabreCat unexpectedly in May. She was the CEFC mascot; everyone was heartbroken over it. We adopted Sasha shortly after in the hopes that she would help us get over the loss. She did. But then we noticed that she was lonely and decided to get her a little brother a few months later. Ivan is the friendliest, sweetest cat we have ever met. I get regular threats from people at the club who say that they are going to kidnap him.

Sasha and Ivan

7. Darth Vader at the Fort Worth Opera Gala. Coordinating the Star Wars fight scene for the opener to the Fort Worth Opera Gala in September gave our club a one-of-a-kind experience. We got a spot on Good Morning Texas because of it. A lot of people who wouldn’t normally have ever thought fencing is in our metropolitan area now know we exist. We do a LOT of demos at libraries, schools, even the local hockey games, but this was exposure on an unprecedented scale.

Darth Vader fencing at CEFC

6. Going to Boston for the Vet camp and staying for the High Performance camp. This taught me a couple of things, most notably that I am now a Vet fencer. 8 consecutive days of camp is a BAD idea. Taking a day off in the middle to go sight-seeing with a friend taught me that it’s ok (and necessary) to stop and recharge. I also learned that I can do more physically than I think I can. That’s dangerous.

Vet Camp

5. Rediscovering Wonder Woman. She has become my inspiration. I wanted to be Wonder Woman when I was a kid and discovered I still do. She is a tough, ferocious warrior. I got so crazy for her this year that I got numerous Wonder Woman Christmas gifts and briefly considered getting a tattoo in her honor. Still might. Just no money right now. Is there a Kickstarter fund for body art?

Tattoo design

Tattoo design