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Episode 7: Summer Nationals

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

This year’s Summer Nationals and July Challenge broke records for attendance, even though the qualifying paths were more challenging. Many participants and coaches commented on how much more difficult every event was than in past years, which means the overall quality of fencing in our country is increasing! Over 4200 athletes total competed in this tournament—most of whom did multiple events. Day 6 had the highest number of participants in a single day: nearly 1500!

Every day, I did a series of one-minute interviews to capture the stories of the people who make up this incredible environment. You’ll hear from armourers, National Office staff, vendors, fencing parents, Olympians, coaches, fencers, and referees. Every person at the venue was vital to the success of such a huge event. You’ll also hear the energy, excitement, and NOISE the participants experienced. Tune in now to hear what the largest fencing tournament in the world sounded like!

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