About Cutting Edge Fencing

CEFC is a full-time fencing center dedicated to teaching the Olympic Sport of Sabre Fencing to anyone age 8 and older. Located in North Richland Hills on 820 and Rufe Snow, we are easily accessible to people coming from all over the DFW Metroplex.


In operation since 2004, we have an athlete-centered approach that promotes the development of the whole person. We welcome fencers from a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences. Cutting Edge Fencing is home to top performing athletes who have achieved competitive fencing success in Regional, National, and NCAA fencing. Our programs will help you to achieve your sword dreams, whether you are just starting out in the sport or chasing a national medal.

From beginning fencing lessons to competitive athletes, we strive to serve everyone with equal parts integrity, skill and attention. We offer group classes, individual lessons and athletic training, as well as special events such as birthday parties, team building workshops, and fencing demos.

Whether you are a parent looking for a sport for kids or an adult who has dreamed your whole life of swordplay, CEFC is a community you can count on to offer a safe, engaging, fun, and wholesome activity. And after a few months of working out with us, you'll be in the best physical shape of your life! 


We are now in Phase 1 of our Phased Return to Fencing. 

Please see our COVID-19 News and Policies Page. 



David Sierra, Fencing Master

Co-Owner, Head Coach, & Director of Operations

Involved in the sport of fencing since 1993, Maestro Sierra is certified as a Fencing Master by the United States Fencing Coaches Association and the International Academy of Arms. He also attended the Pan-American Fencing Coaching Education Course in El Salvador as the USA Representative in 2017.

His students have won numerous medals at Regional and National level competitions, and he has trained athletes who attend strong NCAA programs including Notre Dame University, The United States Air Force Academy and Stevens Institute of Technology. In addition to his coaching career, Maestro Sierra also is a senior referee in USA Fencing, serving as a member of the Domestic Assignments Committee, working as an Assigning Referee at US National Competitions and a Regional Referee Instructor. A scientist by formal education, he brings an analytical and systematic approach to training athletes, while maintaining an athlete-centered approach that promotes development of the whole person. In his off time, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, traveling, reading good books, and watching science-fiction tv shows and movies.

Kate Sierra, Prevot

Assistant Coach and Co-Owner

Coach Kate started fencing in 2004 and has coached for nearly that whole time. Currently an active competitor on the National Veteran Circuit, she has numerous national medals to her credit and brings the perspective of an active high-level athlete to our coaching staff.

When not competing at national tournaments, she can often be found stripside with the SabreCats, providing expert sideline coaching. She also teaches is an Instructional Designer at Texas Wesleyan University, and a former French professor and high school teacher. She enjoys travel, cooking, and trying out locally-owned restaurants and coffeeshops.

Leigh Altman, Moniteur

Assistant Coach

Coach Leigh is an engineer at Bell Helicopter who translated her love of martial arts–she practiced karate for four years–into ferocity on the fencing strip. Her competitive successes include several National Medals. She enjoys visiting her in-laws’ farm and baking pies from scratch. Coach Leigh started fencing in 2012 and has been Coaching since 2016.

Rob Barrie, Assistant Moniteur


Coach Rob is a 6th-grade English teacher at a local elementary school who enjoys practicing yoga and hiking in the Great Outdoors. He has been a fencer since 2014 and a Coach at CEFC since 2016.

Max Winter, Assistant Moniteur


Coach Max is an engineer at a local aeronautics company and loves riding his motorcycle around the Metroplex. He has been a fencer since his college years and has been a CEFC Coach since 2017.

Jade Calvert

Office Manager

Ms. Jade is the newest member of our team and help to run our front desk, membership platform, and social media. She is a competitive figure skater and the mother of a competitive fencer.


SabreCat Rules of Training

  1. Safety is paramount. Always wear appropriate training gear for the activity at hand. Masks must be worn when crossing blades. Long pants (but not jeans!) are required for drills and bouting. Underarm protectors must be worn under fencing jackets.

  2. Respect yourself. Give your complete attention to the task in front of you. Work on the actions that you are not good at. Use your time wisely and make the most of your training sessions.

  3. Respect your teammates. When paired for drills, do your best to be a good training partner. When bouting, work to make each other better. Do not waste their time by giving low effort. Give positive feedback and constructive criticism.

  4. Respect your coaches. Listen to their feedback and correction. Be respectful of their knowledge and authority.

  5. Respect the physical space of your club. Keep fencing bags on storage shelves. Put shared gear back on the hangers and racks. Clean up any messes that you find regardless of who made them.

  6. Work purposefully. Accept that errors are part of the learning process, but attempt to eliminate them. If you are not making errors, you aren’t trying hard enough. If you are making too many errors, you are attempting things you aren’t ready for.

  7. Be on time. Come to the fencing center well in advance of your scheduled class or lesson. A proper warm up routine should take at minimum 15 minutes and should be completed prior to the start of class.


SabreCat Code of Honor

  1. Sportsmanship is my touchstone. I will honor and respect my opponent in both victory and defeat.

  2. Complacency is foreign to me. I will remain humble and hungry in my greatest victories and my most devastating losses.

  3. My motivation comes from within. I will not worship my opponent’s, my coaches’, my teammates’, or my family’s accolades. The touches I score are the only reward I seek.

  4. The bout is always fenced in full. Neither my victory nor my defeat is imminent until the final touch is scored.

  5. I will fence for one touch at a time.

  6. I will will work tirelessly to be my best, for defeat is my fault and my fault alone.

  7. Knowing my behavior reflects on those around me, I will proceed virtuously as I represent my club, my coaches, my teammates, and my country.

  8. I will give 100% in training, because when I am not, someone else is, and when we meet, they will win every time.

  9. It is my duty to help the weakest links in my club become the strongest.

  10. It is my duty to inspire the everyone in my club to love fencing as I do.


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