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Fundamental Partner Work in the SabreCat System

  • 30 minutes
  • 20 US dollars
  • Targets Room

What It Is

Once fencers at CEFC have completed the Introductory and Beginner levels, they learn how to work with a partner. This drill class focuses on partner work and is appropriate for fencers at the Basic, Intermediate, Competitive, and Performance levels. Required Equipment Athletes participating in Basic Partner Drills will need to be fully suited up with their own personal equipment. This includes: Fencing Knickers, Fencing Jacket, Plastron, Glove, Mask, Sabre The specific level of the students in each class, as well as their specific training needs, will guide the content of each class. Where appropriate, differentiated instruction will be employed (different levels of students working on different components). Basic Level Objectives Athletes in this class will work on learning objectives from the Basic level progression. They need to be able to: - Perform basic premeditated attacks and defensive actions - Recognize and correctly respond to opponent's distance and target opportunities - Demonstrate use of distance in basic offensive and defensive scenarios Intermediate Level Objectives: - Adapt footwork and bladework for compound offensive and defensive actions - Execute appropriate action based upon opponent's response to a preparation Competitive Level Objectives: - Apply the use of a specific preparation to draw a planned response from an opponent - Create opportunities for scoring through the use of deceptive distance and tempo Performance Level Objectives: - Adapt offensive and defensive actions and preparations based upon opponent's speed, use of distance, and favorite actions - Create opportunities for scoring through the use of specific distance and tempo based upon the opponent

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