Basic Equipment Kit

The Basic Equipment Kit is required for all fencers who are at the Basic Membership level. It may be purchased through CEFC, or directly through a different vendor. CEFC has a limited stock of used equipment available for purchase. The prices below are for new gear purchased through CEFC (and are subject to additional sales tax).

Sabre - $75

Mask - $110

Jacket - $80

Plastron - $28

Knickers (pants) - $52

Bouting Glove - $50

Lame - $100

Overcuff - $25

Body Cord - $45

Head Cord - $17

Bag - $60

In addition, all female fencers are required to have a plastic chest guard - $30

We offer a 3 month payment program for the components of the Basic Equipment Kit. The cost is $215 each month for three months (plus sales tax). Each month, you'll receive a number of items:

Month 1 - Sabre, Mask, Bag

Month 2 - Plastron, Jacket, Knickers, Bouting Glove

Month 3 - Lame, Cuff, Body Cord, Head Cord

Podium Warmups

Our podium warmups are a classic design custom made by Jammin. They take several weeks to produce and are required for Performance Members.


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