Performance Fencing Membership

The Performance Program is designed for fencers who are a competing at regional and national events. Athletes that are working towards the Red and Black level of our Advancement Program or have similar skills from other clubs are invited to participate.

Fencers of lower ranks in our Advancement Program who are looking for a more accelerated development program may participate at this membership level, provided they have a full competitive kit of fencing gear and are willing to commit to the training schedule!

Fencers at the Performance Level work on:

  • Peak physical and mental conditioning

  • Group leadership and team strategies

  • Technical proficiency of complex actions

  • Advanced tactical bouting progressions

  • Video analysis of both their own performance and elite athletes


How long to spend

Full personal competition equipment kit, well maintained, is required.


Podium warmup suit is required.

The Red level takes 12 to 18 months to progress through depending upon the fencer's skills, weekly time commitment, physical and mental condition, and personal goals.

Competitive Fencing lasts indefinitely and competitors are committed to the sport on a personal level. Our Coaching Staff is committed to helping you achieve your competitive goals that could include Regional and National Medals, International Competition, preparing to fence in College, or simply giving your utmost on the fencing strip every time you go out to compete!

The Black Level involves training as a coach and consists of several grades. How far you wish to go and how long it takes you is entirely up to you! The ultimate rank of Fencing Master takes many years of diligent training and study, and the completion of a Master's Thesis. 

Training Structure

The Performance Membership grants unlimited attendance at all training classes and conditioning and workout programs and gives unlimited access to bouting. Most competitors at this level are training 3-4 times a week, participate in training cohorts for drills and conditioning, and are taking multiple lessons each week. Regular participation in Weekend Intensives and Training Camps is expected. Excellent physical condition is required. 


Option 1: $330/month + 1 lesson per week minimum required.

Option 2: $520/month with 2 lessons per week included.

Conditioning and Tactical Cohorts are included in the price. 

Autopay contract is required.

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