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The COVID Suess Poem about our COVID Protocols

Thank you everyone for being part of the CEFC Community during this incredibly challenging time. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to test the resilience of our society, and Cutting Edge Fencing has not escaped its effects. We are moving into another new and uncharted time, as we look towards a Return to Fencing and the re-opening of our doors. We challenge you though, that this return will not be to the same circumstances and protocols that we used to have. Public health guidelines and common sense dictate that we change how we operate. With great care, deliberation, and consultation, the CEFC staff has put together the following protocols and guidelines for our return to the fencing salle. We ask everyone for your support as we navigate these uncharted waters. We CAN return, but only if we work together as a community.

These policies will be continually updated as USA Fencing and National, State, and Local governments evolve standard operating procedures for businesses and especially sports facilities. The knowledge and circumstances around COVID-19 are changing constantly and, as such, Cutting Edge Fencing makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of this information. Further, you should seek advice from medical professionals and/or public health officials if you have specific questions about your return to training and competition.

Fencers practicing on target dummies
All persons entering the facility must complete the COVID-19 screening questionnaire and send it to the staff BEFORE arriving.
Anyone training or present in any capacity at CEFC MUST wear an unvented face mask to prevent asymptomatic spread. Face masks suitable for wearing during training can be found here or you can use any unvented face mask that covers both the mouth and nose and will stay in place during training. 
Summary of CEFC Phased "Return to Fencing" Protocols

Phase 2 (Current Operational Protocols)

  • Athletes allowed in the fencing salle, working in their own space, face masks required at all times. Advance reservations are required for all training sessions.

  • Face Coverings are required for all persons at all times. Period. There is no discussion on this matter.

  • 1-on-1 sessions with a coach (both wearing face masks under the fencing mask) are allowed.

  • Our in-person training sessions replicate the online sessions, but using our target dummies and with (hopefully!) better space and flooring than athletes have at home. Athletes will be work in their own specific, designated area..

  • Virtual training sessions on Zoom will still be offered for Footwork and Drills for the 7:15 Class Mon-Thu and the Saturday 10 AM class.

  • Training cohorts for drills and bouting have been assigned for those who wish to participate.

  • All persons must have their own gear to participate in any training session or cohort.

  • No jackets or knickers necessary, unless participating in a training cohort. If doing this, must come dressed in knickers.

  • Initial reservations are limited to 2X per week. 3 hours before class starts, Standard and Performance members may claim any open training spots up to their number of sessions. Reservations must be in 1 hour before class starts

  • Anyone may attend as many virtual training sessions as they would like.

Teenage fencer taking a lesson

Please review the specific operational protocols below. You are responsible for following them in order to train at Cutting Edge Fencing

Phase 3

At this time we have no anticipated date for the next phase of Return to Fencing or what specific protocols may be in place. We will be developing these protocols based upon evolving standards and best practices.

Phase 4

Full, unlimited, and regular operations at Cutting Edge. Will likely require the development and wide availability of an effective vaccine or treatment for COVID-19.

CEFC Operational Protocols
Updated August 1, 2020

In the following, the term “parent” should be interpreted to mean parent or guardian for the fencer. A babysitter, nanny, or any other caregiver must be assigned “guardianship” in writing by the parent, and this consent form must be kept on file with CEFC, along with reliable means of contacting the assigned/approved caregiver.​

  • Persons not already fencers or family members at Cutting Edge, or scheduled for an introductory lesson, will not be allowed inside our facility. No ancillary persons will be allowed inside the facility with an adult fencer. One adult family member per family will be allowed inside the facility to accompany a minor fencer IF they have signed protocol form on file - but are requested to stay outside if possible. Parents must be masked and stay in specific locations. Any discussions with staff that require more than a brief conversation need to be handled by telephone to limit contact. No siblings/etc allowed in the fencing salle.

  • Entry of any person requires attestation that neither they nor anyone in their household has possible symptoms of COVID-19, and also that they have not been in close contact with anyone with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID. Also athletes working out at the club should take care to limit their exposure to large groups of people:

  • All persons should maintain physical distancing in the parking lot and stay in their own vehicles until allowed in. 

  • No guest fencers will be allowed to participate in our in-club activities for the time being. Please watch our website for future participation.

  • ENTRANCE: Everyone entering the facility shall enter only through the front door. Everyone entering the building is required to have a completed COVID-19 Questionnaire on file with the office. Once this is signed and on file FOR EACH PERSON (fencer and parent) who desires entry into our facility, only the sign in/out contact log needs to be completed. Persons entering our facility will self-certify that their COVID-19 Questionnaire remains correct, log their body temperature, and list their entry/exit times for each attendance.

  • Everyone entering the facility must wear a protective face mask that covers the nose and mouth, and can be worn underneath their fencing mask. Athletes will be required to wear cloth face masks underneath their fencing mask. 

  • All persons entering the club will have their temperature taken via infrared, non-contact thermometer. Their temperature will then be logged on the sign-in/out contact log.

  • Athletes will proceed through the following protocol each time they enter:

    1. Have their temperature checked and recorded.

    2. Have their attendance logged by staff.

    3. Go directly to their preassigned space and drop their gear in their preassigned space.

    4. Finally, they will go to the washroom to thoroughly wash their hands.
      Only 1 person will be allowed in each washroom at a time.

  • Athletes must enter already dressed and not change any clothing on premises. Fencing shoes may be changed into when first entering and before leaving the salle.

    • If participating in footwork and target drills only - no knickers/jackets necessary as will only be working on targets and distance footwork. 

    • If participating in a training cohort - come to the club dressed in knickers and bring a jacket or underarm protector for drill work and bouting. Each fencer must have his own lame for bouting.

  • EXIT: Persons who are on the front side of the fencing salle will utilize the side door by the refrigerator for exit, persons who are past the midpoint will utilize the rear. Every person shall record their exit with staff when exiting. 

  • To transition between training sessions:

    1. At the end of a session athletes will stage through the bathroom in an assigned order to wash hands before exiting.
      Only 1 person in the washroom at a time.

    2. The entire training session will exit the fencing salle through the rear door.

    3. The staff will conduct refresh and sanitization protocols.

    4. The next training session will be allowed in.

  • In order to manage the size of our training sessions and to pre-assign training spots, reservations are required in advance to attend a training session. 

    • Athletes may reserve a training session spot up to 15 days in advance utilizing the Zen Planner Membership System (or be put on waitlist for a spot) -  Athletes will receive an email to their email address on record and any parent/guardian email on the account. Reservations must be in 2 hours before training session starts.

    • Each athlete can only reserve 2 in-person sessions each week. 3 hours before the class starts, Standard and Performance members can log in and claim any open training slots. Note that reservations close 1 hour before the start of class.

    • Reservations can be canceled up to 3 hours before class starts.

    • If an athlete is moved from up from the waitlist to a reserved spot, athletes will receive an email to their email address on record and any parent/guardian email on the account

    • Athletes who are running late for any reason must call the fencing salle a minimum of 15 minutes prior to class in order to keep their spot, otherwise they will be treated as a no-show. No athletes will be allowed in past 5 minutes after the start of class in order to manage traffic flow and keep physical distancing.

    • No-shows on Standard/Basic membership will be counted as an attendance for the purposes of recording the number of classes allowed that week. No-shows on Performance membership will incur a $10 charge that will be auto-billed to the card on record. Repeated no-shows of any membership level may incur additional fees - if you no show, you are taking away an opportunity for someone else to train!

  • Athletes coming for 1-on-1 training session must be present, and will be allowed in, 15 minutes before the session’s scheduled start time in order to complete pre-session warm up (if not present to enter at least 5 minutes before scheduled start time will be treated as a no-show). If the athlete is attending a training session after their 1-on-1 session, they will be given assigned space for the evening upon entry, and may stay in the fencing salle, provided they stay in that space. If they exit the fencing salle, they may only return during the group training session entry. If a parent is accompanying a minor child, they must stay during the entire training session, and undergo the same screening and handwashing protocols as the athlete. Parents may accompany minor children into the restroom.  

    • Starting June 1st, 1-on-1 training​ sessions, either in person or virtual must be reserved 7 days in advance in order to appropriately schedule coaching staff time.

  • Students must leave the facility and be picked up immediately after their training. Parents should ensure they know the end time for training. CEFC staff will not be responsible for fencers whose parents drop them off and do not pick them up on time. 

  • No group workout or yoga classes will be held at this time. NO USE OF BARBELLS OR STRENGTH TRAINING APPARATUSES WILL BE ALLOWED AT THE PRESENT TIME.  

  • All persons inside the club should maintain a 6-10 foot radius around them as all times. The virus is transmitted through fluid droplets; however, these are theoretically heavy enough to fall out of the air (and a person's breathing space) within the 6 foot radius. 

  • Parents and fencers should not sit on couches or other “soft” surfaced seating. When possible, minor athletes whose parents are expected to present throughout the training session will be assigned a space near the wooden benches, so that their parent can sit there, near to them. Other hard surface chairs will be placed in specific designated areas around the fencing salle and parents MUST stay in their designated location if they are staying in the salle during the training session.

  • Athletes and parents shall not congregate near the office. Any conversation with staff that needs to take longer than a brief exchange should be conducted by telephone outside of training hours.

  • Students shall stay in their preassigned space, and not congregate in any areas. We have enough space for students to spread out and maintain the 6-10 feet between them for the size of training sessions we will hold.

  • Anyone who feels unwell should not come to practice. If a student complains of any symptoms of any nature, they will be sent home immediately. 

  • Parents, do not bring children who are not participating in a training session or lesson to the club. Fencer's siblings will be required to remain outside of the facility. Only one parent per family will be allowed inside the facility at any time. We have a limited number of spaces available for parents.

  • Current students without their own fencing gear may rent an equipment kit for $35 per month that they will keep at home for their personal use. Students will be responsible for replacing any unserviceable equipment or safety equipment in addition to the monthly rental fee. Students who desire to purchase their own equipment should contact Ms. Jade to order equipment.

  • Students should bring their own, already filled water bottle(s); do not refill water bottles at the club. No water bottles, cups or other trash should be left at the club.

  • Anyone using benches, tables or chairs should wipe these down with disinfectant wipes just before they leave. Remember, you may be asymptomatic and still transmit the virus to others.

  • All fencing jackets, gloves, plastrons, and the clothing worn to practice (including the face mask) MUST be washed immediately after returning home after practice. Masks, the bottom of the shoes worn during practice, and sabre grips should be sprayed with Lysol or other disinfecting solution.