Basic Fencing Membership

The Basic Fencing Membership is for fencers who are working toward the Yellow and Orange Levels in our Advancement Program or have similar skills from another fencing club. Fencers will begin participating in Training Cohorts and bouting, as well as attend their first beginner level competitions at this stage.

In order to participate at this level of membership a Basic Fencing Kit of fencing gear is required. 

Fencers at the Basic level work on:

  • Improving their basic movements and coordinating hand and feet together

  • Understanding the role of distance and its application to the sport

  • Increasing their offensive and defensive capabilities

  • Regularly working in paired drills and bouting exercises

  • Gaining familiarity with the electrical scoring equipment

  • Introduction to tactical progressions

  • Understanding the rules of the sport


At this level you'll need a complete Basic Fencing Kit in order to participate in partner drills, training cohorts and bouting. See our equipment page for more details. 

How long to spend

Most fencers take about 3 to 6 months to progress though Yellow and 6 to 9 months to progress through the Orange, depending upon their own personal development schedule.


Our Coaching staff regularly evaluates each fencers progress and will recommend advancement based upon each fencers unique readiness for the next level of fencing.

Training Structure

Athletes at the Basic Level participate in participate in fencing usually 2 times per week and can attend 3 different sessions weekly. Typically this is 2 group skills classes and 1 Training and Bouting Cohort (usually on the same day as one of the 2 group skills classes). It is highly recommended that these athletes take at least one private lesson a month in order to supplement their group training.  


$135/month + 1 private lesson each month

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